Our Learning in Reception - Autumn Term 2017


This term we learnt about celebrations and what this means to our friends.  We started by learning about how we celebrate our birthdays in school and following the sparkly rights.  We have started going to assemblies to celebrate both of these and learning all about our rights as a child. Our friends, teachers and parents have been so proud!


We have also learnt about the celebrations during the Autumn season including Halloween, firework night, harvest, Rememberance day and Diwali.  We have learnt some songs and enjoyed a harvest assembly with our friends in nursery. We even made Pumpkin soup! Some of us went to the Halloween disco after school and enjoyed the fireworks at Maidenbower Juniors.

Autumn We also explored our learning environment and discovered lots of bugs in our outside area. We set up and observation area and began learning all about the bugs we had found. We helped butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis and had an amazing Ugly Bug Ball to celebrate our learning.

Our favourite bugs were spiders and we found so many of them! We learnt spider facts, made webs and even practiced moving like them.

Did you know...

If a spider looses a leg it will grow back!

Spiders have 6 or 8 eyes!

Girl spiders are bigger than boy spiders!

People who help us

Over our topic we have been lucky enough to have a few visitors in to enhance our learning. We have had a talk from the fire service about the different clothes they wear as part of their uniform. We were lucky enough to try on the fire gloves, hat and jackets!

We have learnt about the important number 999 and why and when to call it. We had a go at role playing making the call to a fire fighter in our outside phone box


We have made fire engines to play in outside and it was such fun painting the boxes red.  We used small junk modelling to make different emergency vehicles. We learnt how to stick and join pieces together. 

Post Man Bob visits us!


One week we had a post van arrive in our playground. We learnt all about the post van and where the letters are kept in the back. We were even allowed to sit in the front and pretend we were postal workers.


Postman Bob told us all about how he delivers letters each day and how early he awakes in the morning. He showed us his uniform and the high vis jacket he wears to keep him safe during the night or early morning starts.


We have enjoyed learning about the Jolly Postman and being postal worker in our school environment.  We have written lots of letters and added stamps!