Reception - 100 days of school

During our celebrations of 100 days of school we:

  • went on a number hunt and used a 100 square to find the different numbers written on post it notes around our classrooms.
  • made crowns to wear
  • our t-shirts had a 100 items on. The children made these at home and came into school wearing them. Some children dressed as 100 year olds! Some t-shirts has 100 buttons on, 100 smiles, 100 stickers...
  • we collected 100 items and put them in to bags. It was interesting to see how full or empty the bag is when full of a 100 things. We discovered 100 grains of rice looks like a smaller amount compared to 100 pencils!
  • we read a book about a bus with 100 levels called ‘The 100 Decker Bus’
  • we learnt about schools 100 years ago and how they were different from today.
  • we had a cake to celebrate being 100 days smarter now we have been at school for 100 days. Counting out 100 candles to put on the cake.
  • we then changed the words to ‘Happy Birthday’ to sing
  • ‘Happy 100 days of school” We sang the song and then worked as a team to blow out the 100 candles!
  • we built towers and models using 100 cups or 100 sponges.

Over the week we have made a list of 100 different acts of kindness. Both adults and children added ideas to our list over the week. For example when a child helped another to do up their zip or when Miss Hack made Mrs Ungless a cup of tea in the morning!  By the end of the week we hope to have had 100 acts of kindness in both classes! 

The children were given a glow stick as a present from their teachers are they are  ‘100 days brighter’ now they have been at school! Each child wore them for the afternoon and we turned out the lights to see them glowing.

What a FABULOUS day!  Come and look at our pictures below!