Year 1 Learning - Autumn 2017



We have been learning  all about Superheroes.  We started this topic brainstorming what we already knew about Superheroes ( they knew alot!) We looked at the text Supertato and studied the main characters in the story. We then went on to write our own Supertato story.

We looked into planning a story using a storyboard and how this helps us to begin to understand how a story is made up of a beginning, middle and end.

We spent some time looking at sentence structure and what makes a good sentence, capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, spelling patterns, nouns, adjectives and WOW words. We thought up our own Superhero character and made up what super powers we would have and how we would save the world. We also spent some time playing with language by making up our superhero poem. 

We linked this with our science learning and started to look at the human body labelling our bodies and how it works. We also spent some time looking at our senses and what they are and what they do. We did an experiment to see which one of our senses we used the most.